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    Little Loggers Trail Fest & other donation programs!

    Our 4th annual Little Loggers Trail Fest is set for June 20th, 2021 and is again open free of cost to runners 12 and under. If you're interested in donating to or sponsoring this awesome event, please contact us!  If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out our quick & simple volunteer form and we'll send more details your way.

    Little Loggers was supported in 2020 by a Clinton County Tourism & Recreation Grant from the Clinton County Commissioners and Tourist Promotion Agency. We're grateful for the support and encouragement of the Clinton County Tourism Bureau!

    The backstory: In June of 2018, we partnered up with the PA Trail Dogs to create and fund the first annual Little Loggers Trail Fest and it was a HUGE success! Over 200 kids from around the northeast came out to the beautiful wilds of PA to run this trail race. ReVibe Gear's donation, along with generous contributions from our awesome co-Race Director, the PA Trail Dogs, enabled this entire event to take place free of cost to all participants, giving kids of all economic backgrounds the opportunity to get outdoors and play on the trails. As part of this event, ReVibe Gear also helped outfit our Little Loggers in need with new sneakers to run in on race day, which they were able to keep.  

    Since then, ReVibe Outdoors has also branched out into several schools in PA, teaming up with high school track and cross country coaches around the state to help outfit young athletes in need so they can continue participating in their sports. 

    If you are a track or cross country coach and have an athlete in need on your team, please reach out anytime to see how we can help.