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    ReVibe Gear started where all great things happen -- on the trails.  It began with four friends on a run through the woods, chatting about buying gear, wearing it out on the trails for a test spin, and sadly discovering that perfect pack (or pair of shoes or jacket) sometimes just wasn't quite right for us. Of course that discovery only came AFTER running through rocks, roots, and 17 mud puddles, ruling out any chance of a return.

    We dreamed about how incredible it would be to have a use for all of that near-new gear (now sitting unused in our closets), and then we dreamed of how amazing it might be to save some cash by buying gently used running gear in good condition.  And THEN...the icing on the cake.  We dreamed of what might happen if we could turn all of that gear into something good for others. That's when ReVibe was born.

    Driven by a small tribe of trail runners and inspired by young athletes and outdoors-people, ReVibe Gear collects new and very gently used running, hiking, and trailrunning gear from people and sources all over the world, but especially at our hometown trail races in central and northern PA.  We clean the gear, give it a little photo love, and offer it up at hugely discounted rates.  Many of our Race Director friends have also jumped in on the fun and donated swag from all the best PA races. Whether new or used, a percentage of every single ReVibe sale -- 5-100% depending on the item -- goes directly to creating opportunities in the outdoors for kids of all backgrounds. Our goal is to build and support kids' skills, confidence, fitness, and experiences, and to provide access to the great outdoors for those kids who might not have it.  

    We're pretty pumped about it all.  And we hope you are, too.  So go ahead and shop for some gear. Clear out those near-new sneakers under your bed and send them our way. We dare you not to smile while you do it.  Every little bit you do sends another ripple of good out into the world, and makes us a bigger, better ReVibe Tribe.